Overcoming confusion and building Self-Confidence

Who Am I

My name is Dawn Ali, and my life has had many seasons of confusion about who I am. I wanted to share a little about how I became more confident in who I am and empower you mindful in who you are. 

Who You Say I Am

Throughout parts of my childhood I was made fun of and called different names. I was often called an Oreo due to the way I talked and the things I liked people would say I was black on the outside and white on the inside. I was called yellow and bucktooth beaver because of my skin color and the big teeth front teeth. These descriptions caused me confusion, and I would begin to ask some questions. Who Am I? Does who you say I am matter? Why do people not accept me for who I am? Is something wrong with me? Do I have to change to what everyone says I have to be? 

The Great I AM

My mother always had us in church, and at a young age, I had an obsession with the Bible. I would read it over and over again, memorizing it and using the stories in the present time. Everything in it would come alive. Soon, I realized a new relationship with my Maker, The Great I AM, where I could be exactly who I am. It shows me that I am created on purpose and for a purpose, and I do not need approval from any human to be who I am created to be. I became more self-assured and confident in who I was. There was a freedom in knowing through The Great I AM I was nothing and everything at the same time.

If you struggle with confusion or have low self-confidence, the goal of Outward Self is to help you have clarity in your identity and become assertive and self-assured so you can accomplish your inner desires and live a life of freedom.

I AM Affirmations

I Am affirmations are a tool that I often use and teach on as they help to validate and affirm who I Am in this moment. An affirmation is a desire stated in the present tense terms as if it is already manifest in our lives. They are statements we make about our being and our lives. Through the power of the Great I AM we are limitless.


I created an alphabetical picture book entitled, I AM WHATEVER I SAY I AM, that uses I AM affirmations to inspire imagination and helps connect you to the power of I AM. You can purchase or donate a copy on Amazon or this website